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Caring For Your Pool Plaster

Maintaining a pool plaster is essential as it keeps your pool looking good and in good condition. The problem is, however, not everyone knows how to care for their pool plaster. If you own a pool, here are some steps you can use to care for your pool plaster.

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Coral Pool Company April 6th, 2023

caring for your pool plaster

1. Avoid Water Imbalances
The first step to care for your pool plaster is to keep an eye on your water chemistry. Maintaining balanced water chemistry is essential because it impacts the pH levels of the water in your pool. Unbalanced water can lead to damage to your pool plaster, which can cause discoloration and even etching. You must monitor your water regularly and adjust your chemicals as necessary.

2. Regular Cleaning
The second step to care for your pool plaster is to keep it clean regularly. You should brush down the walls and floor of your pool at least once a week. Using a pool brush can help you remove dirt and algae from your pool, which can help prevent staining and discoloration. You should also use a pool vacuum to suck up any debris such as leaves, dust, and debris.

3. Control the Chlorine Levels
The third step to care for your pool plaster is to control the chlorine levels in your pool. Chlorine can cause discoloration and etching of your plaster if it is not properly balanced. Chlorine levels that are too high can damage your pool surface, while low levels can lead to the growth of algae and other harmful bacteria.

4. Address Pool Stains Immediately
If you notice a stain on the pool wall, it’s best to address it immediately. Time is of the essence because the longer a stain remains on the plaster, the harder it is to remove. One common way to remove stains is by scrubbing lightly with a pool brush and muriatic acid. However, you must be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely for safe use.

5. Regular Maintenance
Last but not least is regular maintenance. Regular pool maintenance is essential, and it is best to hire a professional pool company to handle it for you. These professionals will be able to keep your pool plaster looking its best by ensuring it is cleaned, balanced, and any issues are addressed promptly. In conclusion, caring for your pool plaster is essential. By following the above steps, you can keep your pool plaster looking its best, protect it from damage, and prolong its life. Consider hiring a professional pool company to help you with regular maintenance if you can’t handle it yourself.