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At Coral Pool Company, we guide our clients throughout the entire construction process every step of the way. Whether you are building a new pool or planning to remodel existing outdoor living space, we are there to ensure that our clients are delivered a superior product that last for generations. From design to construction, and all the way to servicing, we are ready and fully committed to making this incredible journey an exciting and pleasant experience.

  • Free initial design consultation
  • Discuss the best options available that work within your space and budget to provide preliminary estimate
  • Approval of preliminary estimate
  • Up-to-date boundary survey is needed to begin design process
    • If you don’t have one, we will have one of our trusted surveyors prepare one.
  • One-on-one guidance to determine the major design elements of the pool
    • Size
    • Shape
    • Placement within property
    • Depth
    • Distinguishing features (spa, lagoons, beach entries, coves, slides etc…)
  • Approve preliminary design
  • One-on-one guidance to choose the remaining design elements of your pool:
    • Lighting
    • Heat pumps/coolers
    • Filters
    • Deck jets
    • Bubblers
    • Automation
    • Valves
    • Plaster color
    • Waterline tile
    • Decking material
  • Approve final design and pricing (if altered)
  • Construction drawings are submitted to the building department for review
    • Time Frame: 1-3 weeks depending on jurisdiction and revisions requirements
  • On approval of plans, construction set to commence


We design all of our pools and outdoor livings spaces according to your needs and desires. By patiently working with the client every step of the way, we can guarantee that our customers are delivered a finished product that brings life to their visions. At Coral Pool Company, the only design limitation is your imagination!

SizePool sizes vary, depending on space and layout. The standard pool package is built around 15′ x 30′ dimensions.
ShapeOur standard packages come with either a rectangular or oval shaped pool. Other pool shapes are typically an upgrade.
DepthSouth Florida pools are typically dug to achieve a depth of 3′ in the shallow end and 5′ in the deeper end. This is included in our standard package
SafetyPool safety is an important consideration and can be achieved by either by installing either a child safety barrier, or pool alarms on all doors and windows.
EntrySteps are included in most standard pool packages. Other options include lounge areas, beach entries and recessed treads.
Swim OutsAt least one swim-out is required in most pool designs and is included in our standard package. Additional swim-outs can be added and can serve as extra lounge areas or underwater benches.
SpaSpas are a great way to added a dedicated lounge area that is separated from the main area of the pool. Most spas are heated and use a spillover to create a waterfall effect in the main body of water.
Pool PumpA single speed pool pump comes standard with our base packages.
LightsOur pools come equipped with either full-size or small format low-voltage LED lights with some having the ability to display an array of colors.
ChlorineBase pool packages are designed for chlorine to be added manually. Although in recent years chlorine generating systems that use salt have become commonplace in residential pools.
Filter TypeCartridge filters of appropriate size come standard with the majority of our pool packages. Sand-filters can be chosen as an alternate during the design process.
ReturnsStandard pool packages come with two returns, although it is recommended to have at least three in order to promote efficient skimmer operation.
Vacuum LineAll of our pool packages come with one vacuum line included. Depending on the size and shape it may be necessary to have more than one.
Heat PumpIn order to be able to enjoy your pool through the winter, it is recommended to upgrade your base pool package with a high-efficiency heat pump.
Plaster ColorThere are a variety of different plaster colors available. Our standard pool package comes with Miami-Blue plaster. All other plaster colors are considered an upgrade.
 TileTile is typically installed at the waterline, on the edges of stair treads, and on the edges of benches and swim-outs. Our base package includes tile installed at the waterline.
CopingCoping is the material that is installed along the top of the pool shell meeting with the deck. Typically the deck and coping material are the same but can vary in dimensions. Standard coping aroudn the perimeter of the pool is included in our base package.
Pool DeckThe most common and long lasting decking material in South Florida is paves set on compacted sand. Decking is priced by square foor and determined once the size and shape have been chosen.


Whether it is new construction, remodeling or a complete outdoor living package, Coral Pool Company addresses each stage of the design and construction process with extreme care and attention to detail. Creating stunning designs, staying on budget, meeting deadlines, and staying aligned with our core belief of “treating every project as it were our own” gives us the edge over our competition and ensures that every single customer is delivered a product that exceeds expectations.

  • Excavation team comes out to break ground, and excavate the area that will ultimately be the pool shell.
  • Formwork installed around perimeter of pool and associated features to provide backing for shotcrete
  • Reinforcing bar are tied in place to give pool shell stregnth
  • Main drain and skimmers are set and pressure tested
  • Concrete (gunnite) is shot onto the prepared form-work and reinforcing steel to form the walls and floor of the pool shell
  • Form-work is then removed and discarded after concrete has sufficiently cured.
  • Rough electrical and plumbing work installed and inspected
  • Remaining plumbing piping pressure tested
  • Excavation team returns to back-fill trenches surrounding shell to set appropriate grade for deck and other features.
  • Tradesmen return to install the remaining equipment
  • Make final plumbing and electrical connections
  • Prepare for final inspections
  • All mechanical aspects of the pool are functional and have passed inspection
  • Finish team arrives to install pool deck
  • Additional finishes installed
    • Slides
    • Rocks/Waterfall
    • Waterline tile
    • Coping
    • Accents pieces, etc.
  • Plaster team applies finish coat to the interior of the pool shell
    • Plaster color determines the color of the pool water
  • Immediately after plaster is complete, the pool is filled
    • Fill time: 24-48 hours depending on pool size.
  • Building and Zoning final inspections complete
  • Notice of Termination recorded